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Sorceress of Synchronicity

Have you every experienced a “coincidence” or an event of synchronicity  in your life?  You know…that time when you were thinking of your friend who lives on the other side of the world and the next day you get a phone call from them?  Or you’re thinking about a concert you would like to go to and end up being given free tickets to go?  Or you keep reminded yourself to pick up that old book you wanted to read again and then your co-worker just happens to bring it into the office?

All of these events  can feel like magic and miracles are unfolding right in front of our eyes because that’s literally what’s happening!  In that moment you are connected to the fabric or the interconnected web of the Divine Universe, to which are all connected.  As we begin to let go and surrender to the infinite field of possibilities, we allow room for the Divine to arrange things in a more miraculous way than we ever thought possible.

What is possible though is to experience events like this on a daily basis?  We can actually live our life in flow and connected with the Divine and begin to work with this interconnected web of the Universe in the most wonderful way.  I was able to find a way to experience over 200 of these synchronistic events in just six months! Curious??

Stay tuned and get ready to read because I will be launching my second book called “Dancing with the Divine” in late 2014 or early 2015 where I will provide steps and techniques for you to live your life this way too.  Who better to learn from than the “Sorceress of Synchronicity” herself?!

Want more info?  Contact me at or 905-380-2460.


EFT For More Money, Prosperity & Inner Peace

tapping for success and abundance coverIt took me a long time to figure out that desiring something isn’t enough.  Badly wanting more money unfortunately doesn’t cut the mustard!

Desire by itself simply won’t (and can’t) get you very far if your default programming is set to destroy all your efforts from the start.

Fear is an exhausting emotion to hold onto… and a tiring place to live your life from.  Many emotions and beliefs we have are based subconsciously in fear (and not rooted in trust).

All the affirmations, visualizations and great intentions in the world won’t do a thing… if your limiting beliefs are still firmly rooted in place.

Before you program yourself with new beliefs that serve you and attract (instead of repelling) more wealth into your life you must get rid of the old.

I’d like to offer you a practical (and affordable) solution that will invite more money into your life as soon as you begin applying what you read.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is the tool of choice by those who want control over their life.  How?  EFT works directly on neutralizing and re-wiring your fearful thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.

Thankfully this tool is easy to master.

Empowering because you can implement it yourself.  And most important of all… it works!  (And if you’re skeptical?  It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not… because EFT works regardless.)

Tapping for Success & Abundance will teach you everything you need to change your life forever.  Designed to be an easy to follow guide, it takes you through all the reasons why you limit your success and abundance.

If the financial, emotional or spiritual success continues to elude you then this e-book was written with you in mind.

EFT will help you in 3 powerful ways…

  1. Remove the limiting beliefs that are stopping change
  2. Remove the focus on what you don’t want so easily gain clarity what you do want
  3. Remove all negative emotions so you don’t self-sabotage your great efforts

Tapping for Success & Abundance is a combination of logic, philosophy and practical EFT steps.   This e-Book has all the content and tools you need to overcome all damaging financial patterns.

I am very aware of cost, yet I also value my time.  Education costs money.  Yet it can’t bring increased wealth into your life if you don’t do anything with the new knowledge you gain.  It is my sincere hope that you do apply the principals.

Money is a form of energy.  By itself it has no meaning.  For me plenty of money allows a lot of choice and flexibility…. and therefore more freedom.  Whatever money means to you, you can have more…

Wishing, hoping and dreaming more money will appear from the sky is not a good financial plan of action!

I want you to feel the tools of success is affordable.  For that reason you can download your copy of Tapping for Success & Abundance for just $39

Click here to invest in your financial health.

October brings a new month.  A fresh start of startling change and new gifts.  I hope you enjoy it and embrace it.


Why Good Things NEED to Fall Apart…

Why Good Things Need to Fall Apart

Good things fall apart so better things can fall together…

Often when I hear quotes that really move me they stay with me.  It is great to refer to them again and again.  When I do, I often have a new experience of their meaning or I find a new nugget of truth speaking to me.

Sometimes the same gold is there and I shiver with the wisdom and beauty of it… its nice to be reminded over and over of words that move you to higher ground.  (If you don’t already, I encourage you to keep a journal of your favorite quotes, sayings and sentences of wisdom.)

A while ago I spoke of some wise words by Marilyn Monroe.  Today I’d like to explore her words again.

Marilyn Monroe said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

This can be a hard concept to grasp if you have just lost something (or someone) and you’re struggling to understand why and how this could possibly be any good.

The truth is you don’t know.

You may protest and stamp your feet that the thing (or person) you’ve just lost is something you need.  Life knows better.  Trust and allow whatever is happening to you to unfold.

I understand this is much easier said than done!

Just do your very best and put your intention out there.  Even if your intention is this… “I don’t understand why on earth this thing (or person) has fallen away from me, yet I do 100% trust this is the best thing for me, even though I feel uncertain and angry.”

Hindsight will reveal all…

Sometime in the the future you’ll look back on this moment with a beaming heart.  You’ll know why this moment “fell apart”.  Maybe this thing had to fall apart to make way for something so incredible you can barely believe it.

Maybe this thing was a blessing in disguise.  Maybe there was a crucial lesson you had to learn and The Universe couldn’t get your attention any other way.

Maybe you needed to learn the lesson of attachment?  Or surrender?  Or letting go of agenda?

Maybe this thing saved you from something really bad.  Maybe this thing brought you close to something (or someone) else.  Sometimes you just don’t know.  (Do you even need to know why?  If you desperately need to know to get closure, this is something EFT can help you with.)

Yes right now whatever has fallen apart is a huge problem.  At the least, yes it is a huge inconvenience.  At the worse, you may feel like you want to curl up in the fetal position and die.  With as much grace and patience as you can muster, wade through the thick of it all.

I know you will get through.  Whatever is happening now is for your highest good.

Carol PrenticeTrust it
Carol Prentice

Order my paperback from Amazon “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”.  A great reference book, read rave reviews here.

Dislike reading? Watch 16 courageous people face their issues inside my Online EFT Video Course (FREE 7 day trial)

Frustrated with money? Tapping for Success & Abundance is the e-book to clear all financial blocks.


“Help! I Don’t Have Any Friends…”

Help, I Don't Have Any Friends

If you don’t have a single soul you can call your friend, then some deep honest exploration is needed on your part to change this…

Admittedly I take it for granted that I have close friends in my life that I can and do call on anytime.  Joyous, ecstatic moments are shared alongside immensely sad, trying times (as well as everything in between).

Honestly I can’t imagine my life without them!

So when I had an email recently I was really surprised and moved.  They asked my advice about how EFT could help them “get more friends”.  This question and my response is what this post will be centered around today.

Firstly I’d say that you cannot “get” more friends.

Yes I’m pedantic with words, because words are so incredibly powerful.  Whenever I see or hear the word “get” I immediately substitute it for the word “give”.

In this instance the re-framing of this question could be “What can I give to enjoy connecting more with others?”

My answer… if you share and give of yourself exactly as you are, without putting on any false pretenses this is a good place to start.  It is hard for others to connect with the real you if you are pretending to be someone you are not.

If you suspect you may be lacking in connection with yourself and others, please use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to tap on these setup phrases…

  • “Even though I don’t know how to relate to others and I feel desperately alone and lonely, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to focus on the inner, deeper issues that lie within myself.”
  • “Even though I feel left out and disconnected from my own life and I am sick of feeling this way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to consciously heal and allow myself to reconnect with who I really am.”
  • “Even though there is something wrong with me as everybody I know has friends except me and I feel a social outcast, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to focus on healing myself instead of judging the lives of others.”

If you are lacking connection with yourself, it is impossible to connect and establish deep friendships with others.  If you are denying who you are or feel ashamed and apologetic, then it will be very difficult for you to relate authentically with others.

If you feel socially awkward, uneasy and uncomfortable it may not be easy for you to strike up friendships with others.

Take heart.  Good things take time.  Not everyone who I am friends with today came from a “love and first sight” meeting.  Familiarity over time is what it took in some cases.

Some people take warming up and allowing their guard to drop does take time.  It is worth persevering though as as there are some fabulous friends out there waiting to be discovered.

Largely speaking your friends reflect you.  It is natural for your own evolution to outgrow certain people.  There isn’t any point clinging to someone just because they are familiar and you know them inside out.  If they aren’t contributing any joy to your life, then it may be time to cut loose.

(Yes this may sound harsh.  But life isn’t about being nice and having everyone like you.  Life is about living truthfully.)

Who was the last friend you made?  If you don’t regularly expand who you connect with, you are handicapping yourself and missing out on sharing the lives of some fantastic people.

Go out of your way to get to know people you wouldn’t normally have as your friend.  Sticking to one “type” of friend can be limiting.

Friendships need maintaining.  They require time and effort and your full attention.  Sometimes life can get frantic and its easy for time to slip by.  Make sure you prioritize and “schedule” your friends.

They are very, very important!  And they need you as much as you need them.

Carol PrenticeConnect with yourself before you connect with others…
Carol Prentice

Order my paperback from Amazon “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”.  A great reference book, read rave reviews here.

Dislike reading? Watch 16 courageous people face their issues inside my Online EFT Video Course (FREE 7 day trial)

Frustrated with money? Tapping for Success & Abundance is the e-book to clear all financial blocks.


How to Grow Your Gratitude…

How to Grow Your Gratitude

The Dalai Lama has the BEST smile don’t you think?  His glow is infectious…

Gratitude is one of those topics that you can’t just reflect on a few times.  We need regular reminding!  If you are already aware and actively looking and celebrating all the wonderful people, experiences and opportunities in your life that is great.

Today I’d like to go deeper.

Gratitude is so much more than dedicating 7 minutes at the end of your busy day to scribbling down 20 things you are grateful for.  Gratitude is a practice.

It is a way of living your life.

How can you grow your gratitude?  There are so many things you can do…

How much compassion is present in your life?  We can all bring more compassion into our lives.  Maybe we can stop and take a step back instead of diving straight in with our reflex reactions that may be brash and hurtful.  Maybe we can take a up a new lifestyle habit that strengthens instead of wrecking our body.

How much stillness is present in your life?  If your life is go go go 24/7 then more silence and solitude may be necessary to balance out the busy-ness.  Have you ever tried meditating?  I recommend it highly…

Where is your attention and focus?  Is it on what is “wrong”?  Or is it on finding the silver lining, committing to working through the problem and changing your perspective?  Even though we may forget, we always do have a choice.

Is your focus set on finding fault or seeking out joy?  How often do you stop and listen to your feelings?  Your feelings are there to guide you.  Do you feel bad?  Then don’t do what you just did.  Do you feel great?  Then keep doing what you’re doing.

This may sound simple.  Yet it takes many years of practice to make something look “effortless”.

How much do you trust in yourself and in your life?  Do you feel uncertain and anxious when you can’t control something or someone?  Release and relinquish all control.  You don’t need to know what is going to happen tomorrow, next month or next decade.

Gratitude will become more and more a way of life when you embrace the above lifestyle actions.  A quick reminder…

… Increase your compassion.  Include more stillness.  Be aware where you place your attention.  Focus on the good.  Release control.

These things will definitely help you grow the gratitude in your life into a way of living and a life you can be truly proud and grateful for.

Carol PrenticeJoy and thanks,
Carol Prentice

Order my paperback from Amazon “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”.  A great reference book, read rave reviews here.

Dislike reading? Watch 16 courageous people face their issues inside my Online EFT Video Course (FREE 7 day trial)

Frustrated with money? Tapping for Success & Abundance is the e-book to clear all financial blocks.


Resistance Involves Courageous Release…

Resistance Involves Release...

Resistance doesn’t involve fighting or attack. Resistance involves release and lovingly letting go…

I love kites.  They are fun to fly and to watch (and they are not just for children).  Yet in order for any kite to fly freely and high, we have to allow them to blow where the wind best catches them.

Living our best life is a bit like that too.

If we allow ourselves to move with the winds of change our life is less of a struggle and more effortless and seamless.  Yet if we don’t live like that, we’ll just be battling ourselves and walking a continuously rocky path.

If any part of our life is blocked in some way, resistance is present in full force.  In order to move past resistance we need to release something.

What do we need to release?

We may have to release our expectations.  We may have to release our agenda of wanting something to work out in a particular way.  We may have to release our beliefs if they aren’t helping us.

Resistance doesn’t involve fighting, attacking and moving forcefully.  Resistance involves letting go.  And we must let go fully and freely (not half-heartedly).

Resistance always involves involves awareness, honesty and courage.

It is hard to move forward if we are firmly clutching and grasping something (or someone) that isn’t working for us anymore.  You can still let go of something and feel scared.

Feeling frightened is OK as long as you are willing and committed to releasing whatever it is that is holding you back.

If you are being held back in your life by your own resistance, use EFT to tap on these setup phrases…

  • “Even though I am blocked in one area of my life and I don’t know what I need to release, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to be open and willing to explore what needs releasing even though I don’t know where to start.”
  • “Even though I am resistant to releasing my resistance and I don’t know what to do, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to embrace and fully feel and honor my resistance.  I choose to voice it until its power lessens.”
  • “Even though I am overwhelmed by how much resistance there is in my life as it seems I am blocking myself on so many levels, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  I now choose to focus on one area of my life at a time, knowing that I don’t have to release everything overnight.”

Resistance comes in many guises and wears numerous hats.  Resistance comes in the form of self sabotage.  Resistance comes in the form of laziness, excuses and fear.  Fear of what?

Fear of living your life as you were put on this earth to do is the main fear.  Are you hiding behind drama, procrastination or an illness?  We all have our “reasons”.

Before a crisis forces you into seriously evaluating your life I challenge and encourage you to examine your life right now.  Now is always the best time.

Carol PrenticeRemoving resistance slowly and certainly from your life…
Carol Prentice

Order my paperback from Amazon “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”.  A great reference book, read rave reviews here.

Dislike reading? Watch 16 courageous people face their issues inside my Online EFT Video Course (FREE 7 day trial)

Frustrated with money? Tapping for Success & Abundance is the e-book to clear all financial blocks.


The Seduction and Allure of Safety…

The Seduction of Safety

The familiar things in our lives seduce us into the illusion of safety and security…

It is easy to stick with what and who we know.  The familiar is comfortable.  The familiar is seductive.  It is alluring.

And it is the one thing we keep going back to even though we may wish deep down that we are capable of embracing more.

If you can’t remember the last you quaked in your boots then you need to chase after fear.  To me fear and excitement are on the same line… with fear being at one end and excitement being at the other.

(I don’t advocate change just for the sake of change as that can be an addiction in itself.  I know because  I’ve been guilty of that in the past.)

Unfortunately too many of us let fear win.  We only face things when we’re forced into a situation where we have no other option.

Instead of waiting for life to force your hand, why not challenge yourself to go out and stare fear in the face?

Yes your heart will thump wildly.  Yes your stomach will feel so sick you may vomit.  Yes you may even feel that you would rather die than face your fears.  Yet you must.  You really must.

And you must do it alone.  No one can do this for you, but you.

If you want to grow and expand and experience life fully, then you need to embrace the unknown.

Anything that scares me I make a point to go out and do.  I’m not a fearless person.  Yet I refuse to let fear paralyze me into complacency.  So much power, satisfaction and inner confidence is gained when you do all those things you fear.

Start small.  Write a list.  And then slowly and quietly DO those things.

If you don’t know what you fear, think about the people you admire most in your world.  What do you admire about them?  It is likely you admire qualities that you don’t yet possess yourself.  Write down the qualities you admire and make them form the basis of your list.

Fear can dissipate and lose its power.  It does this when you shift your focus from feeling fear and freezing… to conquering fear and feeling like a superhero.


The reptilian part of our brains is scared of change.  It sees new things as literally life-threatening.  Your soul however is patiently waiting for you to step into your life and live who you are.

How long will you wait?  20 years?  50 years?  80 years?

No pretending.  No facades.  No excuses.  That is what your soul demands of you.

As much as you can, be comfortable being uncomfortable.  As much as you can, admit you are frightened and fearful… yet don’t let these emotions seduce you into doing nothing.

We are all capable of so much more.  In the next week we’ll explore the fear of success and the emotional components underpinning this complex subject.

Carol PrenticeHere’s to stepping into your own life!
Carol Prentice

Order my paperback from Amazon “The Hidden Secrets of EFT”.  A great reference book, read rave reviews here.

Dislike reading? Watch 16 courageous people face their issues inside my Online EFT Video Course (FREE 7 day trial)

Frustrated with money? Tapping for Success & Abundance is the e-book to clear all financial blocks.


This EFT oriented website is provided as a public courtesy to help expand the use of EFT in the world. 
While Gary Craig and EFT encourage such efforts, they cannot evaluate or endorse the multitudes of sites that exist. 
Thus this website represents in good faith the ideas of its founders but not necessarily those of Gary Craig or EFT.


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