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Do You Believe In Change?

You can either go with it or fight it. I suggest you go with it – actively look for it & enourage it. I am talking about change. Change is compulsary. Something is either dying or growing – either way it is changing.

Nothing ever stays the same.This a a paradox for us. We fear change. Yet we need change – nothing could exist without it. So knowing that change is happening no matter how loud we may resist, what can we do?

Fighting an up-stream current is tiring. Why not make it easier for yourself by going with the flow of change? I’ve tried both methods & I personally recommend the latter.

Try these EFT Set-up Statements…

‘Even though I know I am resisting change, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.  I choose to see that by doing the same thing over & over I will keep getting the same result’

‘Even though I feel scared to try something new, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.  I choose to know that doing new things is like exercising a new muscle.  The more I try new things, the easier it will become for me’

‘Even though I don’t know what will happen if I take this new path, I deeply & completely love & accept myself.  I choose to trust in the Universe to look out for me’

Enjoy EFT

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