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I wanted to post my evolving thoughts on EFT. Not everyone will like this.  Perhaps this is because it may conflict with your belief systems. If you find yourself in this group then tap on it! I am not asking you to agree, just to think

EFT is said to work on the meridian channels, but I am not so sure. The tapping procedure has been proved to me time and time again to be effective, yet not needed. So many people I see are doing it ‘wrong’ and getting results.

Even through EFT’s own evolution we have seen the dropping of some points and a simplifying of the procedure. First is was the ‘under the breast’ point. Then the 9 gamut. Now many people leave out the fingers. Each time something is dropped an explanation is given as to why it works.

Over the past few years we have seen the development of visualized EFT (no physical tapping) and of distant treatments (working on someone who is not even there) all with great results. Even these can be explained using the EFT philosophical model. However how about the many other Energy Psychology Techniques that have developed, all with similar success rates?

Experiment. Get someone who is unfamiliar with EFT and get them to tap random points (maybe just 4 or 5, anywhere on the body) that are not EFT points. For myself and others who I know have done, this the results are virtually the same.

You can even not tap at all and use a pendulum for them to focus upon instead, while the keep their awareness on the problem. Simply tell them to hold the pendulum (start it rotating) and it will stop moving once their problem has gone. And it does!

Let me be clear. I am not knocking EFT, its value or its effectiveness. It remains one of the best tools I have to use. I simply believe we need to broaden, or recreate, the model on which it has been based. This gives practitioners the confidence they can not ‘do it wrong’ and the ability to be flexible in the way they apply the technique.

My final word (for now at least) is the caution of the ‘latest technique‘ syndrome. I meet so many people who run from technique to technique (in the past this included myself). Have you tried BSFF, TAT, EFT, TFT, REMAP, EMDR, EMO Trance etc.

Why not save yourself much time and money? Realize you can create your own therapy and call it what you like.  Once you understand this broader perspective principle you will find ‘your therapy’ has the same effectiveness .

You see each has great value. But they all (in my experienc), share similar success rates. Some approaches may suit some clients more than others – but I believe they all have a core essence that is the same. There will continue to be an evolution of new therapies in this field, as people create new ways to tap the same principles. (I even heard of one guy using a tea towel as a therapeutic tool with great success.)

I continue to use EFT as it is effective and works. I just think we are still scratching our understanding of what is truly happening. Instead of defending our beliefs about how things work, I think we need to question our beliefs.

They are after all just a model. Until a better model emerges then we continue to use what works. However unless we question the model it can not grow.

Enjoy EFT! 

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11 thoughts on “Beyond EFT

  • What an excellent article. I’m fairly new to EFT myself (or at least new to the systematic practice of it) and I’ve been wondering about this myself. As a matter of fact, I did do a round of tapping on the “worry that I’m not doing it right” courtesy of a teleseminar by Brad Yates. It did help, and I’m much more comfortable with all of the different styles out there now. But you pose some excellent points in this article… thanks for bringing them up!

  • Having spoken to quite a few people about this it seems that it is on quite a few peoples minds, only few people are saying anything. Those that do speak out often do so in complete opposition. I feel this is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of EFT. I wish you every success whatever you choose to use it for, and if you have any questions you know where to ask them…

  • I think you underestimate some stuff like BSFF. I have been successfully using EFT myself, and still use it from time to time, but when dealing with deeply rooted, long standing emotional issues, nothing can touch bsff in terms of speed and ease of use. I can do a bsff session now, treating, say, 3 heavy-duty, really serious issues with 50 aspect each, in 3-4 hours, and have it gone permanently, without making my body a mess from all the tapping (can you imagine tapping for 150 aspects, 3-5 rounds each???). With bsff I was able to clean up an unbelievable amount of past junk including emotional roots, beliefs, old stereotypes and so on, in just one month, that would take me months to do with EFT, which is itself a rocket compared to “slow conventional therapy”… In no way I want to undervalue EFT which IS a great tool (kudos to Garry!!!) but bsff is just so much deeper and more effective when dealing with serious, deeply-rooted, multi-aspect, long-standing issues AND beliefs. Just denying it because there are so many “alternative” stuff all coming out of good ole tft, you deprive yourself of a tool of an incredible potency.

    And bsff is the thing that addresses the issue of your post, that is, that the tapping itself does nothing. Larry Nims openly states that tapping is just a signal to start the treatment, the actual treatment is done by subconcsious mind, and that’s exactly what I always thought and completely agree with. Nims developed a highly effective, extremely well through, and very thorough protocol for working directly with the subconscious mind. I have been trying different stuff for last 20 years or so, trying to get this work done reliably and effectively, and NOTHING compares to bsff. Sure one can, theoretically, come up with own system (after all, we know now WHAT does the actual treatment) but bsff is already there – with all the Failsafe Procedures, PR treatment, and so on.

    Good luck, and keep your mind open for new possibilities.

  • I have a slightly different theory about how EFT works, but then I have had zero success with surrogate tapping or a bunch of the rest of that.

    I have a backround where I learned a lot of neurobiology, so please pardon me if this is long and dull…

    In highly emotionally charged situations, the body stores memories not only in the nerves in the brain but also in the nerves throughout the entire body. Nerves can only carry one message at a time. The vast majority of input streams are in the hands and the face.

    If you are tapping on one of the nerve channels (the edges of the fingertips, for instance) while focusing on the emotion that causes the physical responce in a safe, non-emotionally charged place, with the assurance of the setup statement, you can actually remove the memory being stored in the nerves along the body.

    My theory is that strong emotional intensity IS stored outside the brain, in the body. Once that’s taken care of, you’re left with the memory without the emotional intensity surrounding it.

    But then, I don’t really buy into the subtle energy theory. I can see that EFT works, no doubt about it, but I do not buy into the new age explination. I am one of those people that is sure that science will eventually figure it out. 🙂

    My two cents, it’s just a theory and not even completley flushed out, but I thought your post was interesting and I wanted to comment on it.

  • In regards to BSFF, don’t get me wrong. I do not underestimate its power. I do however find it is very personal. Many people get nothing from it at all (a higher percentage it seems than EFT), those that do find it works often get better results.n Also if EFT is used effectivley it should not take 3 or more rounds for each aspect, indeed many aspects can often be dealt with in 1 round.

    My real question is what is underlying all these therapies? I have looked at many theories for each modality (BSFF, EFT, TAT etc) and each makes sense on its own, but collapses when looked at in a different way.

    I agree that the memories are stored outside of the head, though I am still not conviced the tapping itself has much to do with anything directly. My belief is that the subconsious mind is more than just a part of the brain.

  • Hi all!!

    I have some comments about the mechanims of EFT.

    Thus let me preface my comments by saying that there is obviously something working well during the EFT procedure. And am a strong believer in Chi.

    However,,,,, My questions and comments:

    I too really wonder about the “subtle energies” theory underlying EFT.

    1. If you think about it, why would the human body devise an all important energy system that is located (and impacted) so close to the surface of the skin? It just seems like a very “non-adaptive” system if we can just tap these energy points and modify this critical energy flow.

    2. Is it possible that we are just merely tapping into the subconscious and changing beliefs that way? The tapping and deep breathing during the EFT procedure serve to produce a calm state, which now gets linked into the subconscious with the undesirable thought/issue.

    3. To reinforce #2, isn’t the person entering a very light trance during the EFT procedure?
    I am a believer that only light trance is necessary to create cognitive/behavior change. Add in beliefs and expectations, and anything is possible.

    4. And most important… I have a quibble with the Discovery statement. “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in energy”.
    Not true. Often, first came the trauma, the negative event, then came the perception of that event. Then came the disruption in energy. Thus, the “Cause” was the original trauma.
    Nevertheless, we could treat the negative energy and solve the problem. In other words, we don’t need to change the territory, just the energetical map.

    Anyway. I’m probably way off on all of this. And I REALLY want to know why EFT works.

    Help me find the way!!
    Ed Schicatano

  • My thinking is both the physical body and the energy body are merely illusions anyway. The energy body is often discussed as being somehow superior to the physical yet if we look at quantum physics they are both reflections of consciousness.

    In experiments it has been shown that an experimenter can prove that the fundamental building blocks of reality are either waves (energy) or particles (matter). What makes this core fabric wave or particle is the intent of the person conducting the experiment.

    To me this suggests that consciousness is what controls and creates the illusion of reality. By focusing on either the physical body or the energy systems we re-enforce the reality of this illusion and miss what really needs to shift. Consciousness.

    That is not to say change can’t be initiated from a physical or energetic level. There are many techniques that do. However I believe all explanations as to how they work will be flawed as some level do the explanation coming from a perception of illusion.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  • I wonder if EFT might not be somehow inhibiting the production of neuropeptides in the hypocampus while the targeted memory is accessed. This would lead to the memory being “sanitized” of emotion when next recalled.

  • I have some questions about BSFF:

    A hypnotic trance was always needed to reach the SC mind, in BSFF all you do is read the BSFF intro to yourself and mention the cue word, etc. awake, so to speak. How is it possible to get the SC mind to concede without being in some form of trance?

    Will BSFF leave a void? I mean, you have all these issues and hurts and fears and BSFF gets rid of the emotions, right? It’s great for them to go, but what replaces them? Do you feel emptiness? Is the memory of your painful history erased? Exactly what happens?

    Thank you for any answers.

  • Hi Ira and thanks for your comment.

    A trance is not needed becasue BSFF works by accessing subconscious cues. If you think your life will feel empty then don’t remove them. There should be no “void” just a feeling of being neutral. Your memories all remain… there is just no emotional pain left.

    Wising you every success

    Leon Jay

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