How Well Do You Speak Up?

eft and speaking up

Use EFT to unleash your voice and start speaking up!

to speak up doesn’t mean you have to be rude.  Or accusing.  You don’t have to feel defensive and feel your opinions are the only “right ones”

Speaking up is about valuing what you think and feel and giving those thoughts and emotions a voice.

You don’t have to share the same opinions as everyone else.  You can say what you have to say politely, yet firmly and with a smile on your face.

Hiding what you think means there may be a part of you that feels isn’t worthy.  Can you think back to the first time you felt this way?  What brought these feelings of unworthiness up?  As a child did you feel like what you said counted?  Or were you told that being good equaled being quiet?

If speaking up and out is a problem for you, ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable expressing yourself?  Do you feel that people may reject what you have to say?  Perhaps you feel that you have nothing to offer and so keep quiet?

There may be a host of issues surrounding your inability to voice your thoughts and feelings.  Explore them!  Be kind to yourself and allow whatever surfaces to surface!

Then use EFT to clear away all feelings of inadequacy so that you can speak up and shine!

Carol Prentice
Carol Prentice

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