The Paradox of “Being Guided”

Being Guided

The paradox of life. Consciously paving your own way yet at the same time allowing yourself to be guided…

There is so much we have control over in our life… yet at the same time there is a lot we don’t have control over.  Yes life is a paradox!

Being aware what we can consciously change and what we can’t is a great balancing act and it can be tricky knowing where to put your efforts!

This may not be everybody’s point of view, yet I firmly believe there are some things that are meant to happen in our lives.  Some things seem written in the stars and there’s not much we can do to stop it (this applies to both great and not so great things).

That is not to say we sit around waiting for life to “happen” to us.  Life is something we are born to live.

It is much easier when you go with the flow of your life, rather than fighting it.  If there is something you cannot change ask yourself what the lesson is and try and learn it.  (Otherwise you may be given the same lesson over and over until you do get it!)

There may be some things you can’t control… yet you can always control how you respond.  I’m a big believer that the “how” can be just as important as the “what”.

If you find yourself unable to accept what life has served you, please use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to unblock any emotional distress.

Carol Prentice

Carol Prentice

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