What Are You Copying From Your Parents?

The word relationship comes from the word ‘relate‘. How well do we relate to others? What we hear & read about relationships influences us.  But I think the most powerful conditioning on what is & isn’t expected in a relationship, comes from what we were exposed to when we were growing up.

We often model (act out) what our parents were like – subconsciously. I remember when my wife & I were first married & we stayed with her parents for a month after we’d just arrived in NZ from England. I understood where many of her expectations came from as these were also shared by my in-laws. When I pointed this out to her, she was stunned.

She then used EFT to tap away beliefs that were not serving her. She recognised those were her parents beliefs & not hers. She’d quietly taken them on & acted them out with me in our marriage.

Somtimes it’s easier for others to observe this as they come from a more objective place. Ask your partner (nicely!) to share with you how they think you are similar to your parents.

Listen carefully to what your partner says & decide if what you are hearing could be true. If so, is this belief or pattern serving you? If not, tap on each one as you are made aware.

Enjoy EFT! 

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