Peeling the “Emotional” Layers of an Onion

We’ve all heard of this analogy before and its a great way to gain a better understanding of the unlimited potential of EFT!

What I often find when working with clients is that the negative emotions and beliefs are often layered and intertwined.   After we’ve done a round or two of EFT on a specific emotion or thought I alway get them to “test” the effectiveness of EFT by repeating back to me the statement or memory or story that initially triggered the stong emotion.  When they say it out loud and then can laugh about it because it no longer seems “true” after EFT, it is recommended to just quietly listen to the next natural occuring thought that occurs.

This is the best way to peel the emotional layers of the onion! Once you’ve cleared an issue and have tested it, then listen for the next automatic thought or where the mind naturally wants to go.  Often the subconscious mind will effortlessly direct you in the right direction of the next layer to be tapped on!

For example:  Sometimes after tapping on anger issues one might find that it makes no sense to feel angry anymore  because all they feel is sadness instead.  Once the sadness is tapped on one might find that underneath that is an abandoned feeling for example.  Keep tapping on all the layers until the resulting feeling is nothing but calm and peaceful.

Happy Tapping!








Carol Prentice


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