Say It Like You Mean It!

Sometimes those who are new to EFTcan be a little confused as to why they are repeating the “reminder phrase” as they tap down all the acupressure points.  It  can also become a very mechanical process or procedure where they are not really feeling the emotion that they keep repeating as they tap all the points. The most important factor[…]

Peeling the “Emotional” Layers of an Onion

We’ve all heard of this analogy before and its a great way to gain a better understanding of the unlimited potential of EFT! What I often find when working with clients is that the negative emotions and beliefs are often layered and intertwined.   After we’ve done a round or two of EFT on a specific[…]

A “Tap” a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Now…an apple a day can keep the doctor away too but daily tapping with EFT provides some amazing benefits!  Regular tapping can be incorporated into your daily routine just like you would meditate or exercise or brush your teeth on a regular basis.  Applying EFT every day is a wonderful way to consistently keep your energy system[…]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Do you often have conflicts with others and difficulty in your relationships?  Wish others would start treating you with more respect?  The good news is that EFT can help!  But one must begin by looking within or “looking in the mirror”… Other people mirror back our hidden emotions and feelings, which allows us to recognize them[…]

How to Find True Peace in Your Life…

It is our nature, as human beings, to search for a state of peace in our lives.  Most people, at the deepest of levels, really just want to experience peace, joy, unconditional love and happiness. Want to know the secret?  The true path to experiencing peace in your life? Peace ~ It does not mean to[…]

Do I Have to Use the Gamut Point Procedure??

Many clients ask about the seemingly strange Gamut Point Procedure and whether or not it’s even necessary.  In fact, some EFT therapists  have taken the Procedure out completely and find that the tapping itself works wonders. So….do you have to use the Gamut Point Procedure (GPP)? That depends!  If  you find that just tapping isn’t working[…]

The #1 Question to Ask to Find “The Root Cause” of a Problem…

E.F.T. works wonders for many so many negative emotions but sometimes we might find that those same negative emotions come back again and again!  It is not that EFT is not working but rather the application of EFT and the art of detective work that needs to be modified. Most of our “problems” or consistent negative emotions[…]