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Bruxelles, Belgique

Name: Caroline Dubois

Qualifications: EFT-ADV, psychotherapist, EFT trainer

Services Offered: You can work with me by phone (skype) or face to face. On any issues. My favourite subjects are: abundance issues, chronic pain, weight loss. I offer abundance seminars and weightloss classes in French as well as teleclasses on the same subjects. I have many years experience with EFT since 2000. I am passionate about helping you dissipating the past and installing a brand new future.

Contact Details: Avenue Jean et Pierre Carsoel,126B-B1 1180 Brussels- Belgium

My Email: c.dubois@skynet.be


Name: Yves Wauthier - Freymann

Qualifications: Energy Psychology (EFT, TFT, TAT, etc.), Energy Medicine, Maître Reïki Usui Traditionnel, Hypnose Ericksonienne et humaniste, PNL, etc.

Services Offered: Therapy and Coaching, EFT Trainer, Reïki Teacher, Stress and Post Stress management, Psychosomatic management, Allergies, Depression, Pain

Contact Details: Gh Research sprl Rue Félix Bovie 20 1050 Brussels 0032494414677 www.therapeutia.com www.gh-research.com www.litebook.be www.lumino.be www.energypsy.eu

My Email: yw@therapeutia.com


Bruxelles, Belgique

Bruxelles, Belgique

Name: Brigitte Hansoul

Qualifications: Psychologue, Psychanalyste, Psychothérapeute, Ingénieur Physicien Praticien certifié en EFT et autres techniques de Psychologie Energétique, EMDR, hypnose

Services Offered:

Contact Details: 20, rue Félix Bovie - 1050 Bruxelles tel +32 (0)2 640 60 69 bh@therapeutia.com www.therapeutia.com

My Email: bh@therapeutia.com


Name: Tanja Buyst

Qualifications: Ik ben psychotherapeute, opgeleid aan de Academie voor Integratieve Psychologie Gent(AIP) en holistic life coach. Gespecialiseerd in relatietherapie, depressies en onverwerkte rouwprocessen.

Services Offered: Gesprekstherapie EFT Stemmassage Wandeltherapie

Contact Details: F. De Potterstraat 12 9840 De Pinte 0477/55.65.36


De Pinte, Belgium

Dendermonde, Belgium

Name: Joost van der Veer

Qualifications: eft practioner, stresscounseler, hypnotherapist, coach.

Services Offered: hulp en oplossen van angsten en trauma's, bevrijding van depressie, verlichten van stress, mentalcoaching

Contact Details: Frans van Schoorstraat 6 9200 st Gillis (Dendermonde) België www.stresscounseling.be

My Email: info@stresscounseling.be


Name: Janny Slaets Energy Works bvba

Qualifications: EFT Practitioner - CC - Adv. EFT Trainer Quantum-Touch practitioner Quantum-Touch instructor Reiki II NLP practitioner

Services Offered: EFT - Quantum-Touch and reiki sessions and workshops

Contact Details: Energy Works bvba Wuytjesstraat 7 2820 Bonheiden-Rijmenam Belgium +32/ +32/494.93.96.78. www.energyworks.be

My Email: info@energyworks.be


Heist-op-den-berg / Schri, Belgium

Oostkamp, Belgium

Name: Hans Brendonck

Qualifications: EFT, TAT, Applied Kinesiology, Osteopathy

Services Offered:

Contact Details: Legeweg 186, 8020 Oostkamp,Belgium 0032/50842212 www.totalbodyadjustment.be

My Email: hans.brendonck@skynet.be


Name: Koen Van Reeth

Qualifications: EFT-Practioner and Trainer of All Levels, Physiotherapist - Osteopath

Services Offered: EFT Individual and Group Therapy EFT-Training All Levels, TAT-Training

Contact Details: Verbindingsstraat 83, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium Tel.: 0032/3776.55.53 www.eft-online.be

My Email: info@eft-online.be


Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

Zevergem, Belgium

Name: Michel Debruyckere

Qualifications: EFT-NLP-Acupuncture-Earacupuncture-Kirlian-Colorpuncture

Services Offered:

Contact Details: Michel Debruyckere Boeregemstraat 17 9840 Zevergem Belgium +32 9 324 44 12 +32 494 22 42 75

My Email: micheleft@telenet.be


Name: Morris Berg - Sensitive NLP Coach

Qualifications: Cert. in EFT & Meridian therapies, Cert. Pract. Emotional Freedom Reiki, Diploma in EFT (Open College, UK, recognised by Complementary Medical Assn.), S.N.H.S. Dip. Meridian Psychotherapy, S.N.H.S. Advanced Dip. Meridian Psychotherapy, Master Practitioner NLP, Dipl. Life Coaching, Dip. NLP Coaching, Usui Reiki Master, Dip. Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Counselling qualifications, Cert. Flower Essence Reiki, BSc. Psychology (Univ. of East London, UK), Ph.D. Hypnotherapy (USA), other nontraditional degrees. I have had special training in past life regression therapy and in the therapeutic metaphor/Clean Language techniques of David Grove.

Services Offered: I work exclusively by phone, email, Internet chat & Skype as appropriate, providing EFT, NLP, life coaching, affirmation work, counselling and guided inner journeys and flower essence therapy. Please see my website for lots more info, articles, etc. I will work with any issue suitable for distant therapy, including spiritual, transpersonal and inner child problems, and survivors of trauma & abuse. I have been a therapist for nearly 30 years and you can talk to me about any unusual issue. If it's hard for you to talk about the problem, I have several gentle therapy methods that could be used.

Contact Details: my email: hspcoach@gmail.com my website: http://www.sensitivenlpcoach.com

My Email: hspcoach@gmail.com


Morris, Berg

Frances, Borges

Name: United Kingdom

Qualifications: AAMET EFT-ADV Practitioner and Licensed EFT Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Services Offered: EFT Personal Sessions, I am so enthusiastic about EFT that it has become my number one Technique. I am a Hypnotherapist and find that although EFT is an excellent stand alone Therapy, it also works very well when combined with Hypnotherapy, it is so rewarding to offer my client something they can use again and again, a tool to use and pass on to others through life’s journey, To truly EMPOWER another person to be who they are meant to be. I also offer EFT Training Levels 1,2 &3 in small, friendly, interactive groups at EFT Workshops 4U

Contact Details: 01635 44840 www.eftnewbury.com www.eftworkshops4u.co.uk

My Email: franborges@hotmail.com


Name: Jimmy L. Mello

Qualifications: EFT Level 1, 2 & 3, EFT Practitioner Trainer, Master Trainer Practitioner NLP, Desugestology trainer. Sedona Practitiner. Port. É formado em Lingüística pela Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, especialista em ensino e filologia românica, é autor e co-autor de inúmeros livros e métodos de ensino de inglês, espanhol, russo, chinês mandarim, grego e espanhol.Instrutor pelo instituto de Desugestologia de Viena, e em Instituições internacionais de Programação Neurolingüística PNL,é Master Trainer Practitioner em PNL, é Practitioner certificado e registrado de EFT.

Services Offered: EFT sessions, EFT Training, and Coaching

Contact Details: + 55 (31) 3081-3559 Web Site: www.brasilpnl.com.br/eft.php

My Email: contato@brasilpnl.com.br


Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Name: Luiz Vieira

Qualifications: EFT Master, EFT Trainer, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, Psychotherapy, Ericksonian & Condicionative Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, NLP, Past-Life Therapy and Clinical Philosophy.

Services Offered: I specialise in Personal Performance and Psychotherapy. Reach those Goals; achieve that Success, Happiness, Wellness. Stress Management. Attain your self image. I offer EFT, Hypnosis, Past-Life Therapy and Clinical Philosophy. If you wish there is an additional beneficial support of exploring ‘your’ creativity for personal insight, growth, problem-solving in all areas of your life.

Contact Details: +55-21-8748-6387

My Email: luizvieira.abpr@gmail.com


Name: Elza Prado

Qualifications: Therapist - Craniosacral, EFT,Reiki and NLP practitioner - Bach and Minas Flowers Systems expertise

Services Offered: Personal sessions using EFT combined with craniosacral or Reiki application plus Bach or Minas flowers essences recommendation tosupport treatment. Fantastic results.

Contact Details: Elza Prado - CTI CentrodeTerapias Integradas,Rua Eliziel Alves Costa, 43 s.19 Suzano, São Paulo, Brazil 55-11-4743-7789 or 55-11-9550-1416

My Email: elza_prado@hotmail.com


Suzano, SãoPaulo, Brazil

Sofia, Bulgaria

Name: Ivan Petarnichki

Qualifications: Energy Psychology Practitioner - EFT, BSFF, TAT

Services Offered: Success Coach - No matter in what area in your life you experrience difficulties, I can help you overcome them, prosper, appreciate and enjoy every moment. Improve your health! Grow your business! Find a new career! Build lasting relationships! Overcome your money issues! Get rid of addictions! Free yourself of any fears! Escape the victim of circumstances mentality! Become the master of you life!

Contact Details: ivan@getbetterfast.com

My Email: ivan@getbetterfast.com


Name: Tanja Buyst

Qualifications: Psychotherapeute, 4 jarige opleiding Academie voor Integratieve Psychologie Gent, EFT Practitioner, focussing (Gendlin), Braingym

Services Offered: Relatietherapie, EFT, wandeltherapie, stemmassage, braingym

Contact Details: Tanja Buyst - Equilibries F. De Potterstraat 12 9840 De Pinte tanja.buyst@telenet.be 0477/55.65.36. www.123website.nl/tanjabuyst www.equilibries.be (under construction)

My Email: tanja.buyst@telenet.be


Tanja, Buyst

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