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Hartmut, Rausch

Name: Practice for Holistic Health and Stress Management

Qualifications: EFT-Adv., Qigong Teacher, Autogenic Training. Over 30 years of medical experiences as a Family Practitioner in Germany where I also worked as an Acupuncturist and Adlerian Psychotherapist. Now living in the USA working as a Personal Health Coach.

Services Offered: EFT for emotional , physical and performance issues. Stress Management. Qigong classes, Autogenic Training

Contact Details: phone: 732 501 6703 E-mail: Website:

eftStressRelief" target=\"_blank\">http://eftStressRelief

Name: Yvette Reisig

Qualifications: EFT CC en ADV, Hypnotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner, QT, TAT, member of NBVH and SRBAG

Services Offered: Hypnotherapie, EFT coaching, workshops EFT level 1 en 2. Voor individuele therapie en coaching bij fobieŽn, stress, persoonlijke ontwikkeling, trauma. Begeleiding en business coaching bij verbetering eigen prestaties, vrijmaken van belemmerende overtuigingen, doelen bereiken, succescoaching, conflicthantering. Sparing partner bij persoonlijke issues. Directeuren huilen niet, the show must go on.... Ik maak verbinding en zet een spiegel voor. Ik maak je bewust van wie je bent en wat je weet en kunt. Het is altijd meer dan je denkt. Met humor en liefde.

Contact Details: Praktijk Waterland Het Waterland 81 8302 XB EMMELOORD tel. 0527-611333 06-36035551

My Email:


Yvette, Reisig

Jackie Sawasy, Richmond, BC, CANADA


Qualifications: Trained nurse, Level 3 AAMET-EFT practitioner, NLP and Quantum Release

Services Offered: Confidential private one-on-one, telephone or Skype sessions. I specialize in weight loss, panic attacks, anxiety and stress. She has Certificates and Diplomas in many modalities of the healing arts, EFT, NLP, QR. She has a busy EFT Practice in Richmond, BC since 2004. She facilitates Fresh Perspectives Tapping group, a monthly group EFT meeting at HeartQuest Healing Collective. She continues to purse her passion in the study in Energy Medicine. Her focus is on Emotional Overeating, PTSD, and Anxiety. Jackie leads Emotional Overeating (EFT) workshops and training seminars. Phone: 604.278.7670.

Contact Details: Landline: 604.278.7670 (Pacific time)

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Name: Linda Rider, Cht, DCHc 1000 Quail St. Suite 188 Newport Beach, CA 92660

Qualifications: Linda has achieved EFT-ADV status and Mastery in Clinical Hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy. Relationships and Trauma Incident Reduction

Services Offered: Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are the modern day demons that rob people of happiness and success. There is a process to get into problems/issues, and the good news is that there is a process to get out of them and create a compelling future. Fear, anger, guilt, saddness, depression and not feeling good enough or deserving can be turned around by using tools for resolution. It is much easier to move forward with a practitioner coaching you to success. I would like to be the practitioner that helps you to happiness.

Contact Details:

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Linda, Rider

Carol, Rios


Qualifications: NGH Board Certified Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist EFT Adv. Practitioner since 2000.

Services Offered: Hypnosis and EFT - A powerful combination for healing your life and create positive changes. Emotional stresses, cravings, grief and loss, unforgiveness and anger, fears and phobias, Offering One on one sessions, phone sessions, EFT on DVD, MP3 downloads and more.

Contact Details: 828-698-4936 Home office 828-693-3279 Fax

My Email:


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