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Libertyville, US

Name: Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

Qualifications: Psychologist, Master Certified Coach, Author of 4 books on EFT for Weight Loss, Abundance, Anxiety and Binge Eating

Services Offered: Individual and group coaching

Contact Details: http://www.LoseWeightWithEFT.com http://www.MoreMoneyWithEFT.com http://www.StopAnxietyWithEFT.com http://www.stop-binge-eating-with-eft.com http://www.EFTpractice.com


Name: Valerie Lis, M.A., EFT-ADV

Qualifications: Advanced practitioner providing one-on-ones, phone sessions and workshops since 2001. Offices in St Louis Park, Osseo and Rogers.

Services Offered: Group workshops, phone sessions, phobia, PTSD, allergy elimination, sports performance, chronic pain, anxiety

Contact Details: 763-315-0086


Minneapolis, MN, US

Phoenix / Chandler, AZ, US

Name: Joe Oliver, EFT-ADV Level 3(Ultimate EFT Practitioner)with Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master

Qualifications: EFT-Advanced, Level 3(Ultimate EFT Practitioner), K-9 Massage therapy

Services Offered: Phone sessions as well as in person. Love working with animals. Specialize in "Chronic Pain and Phobias," but not limited to that area.

Contact Details: www.Thinkeft.com 1 866 980 1234 Toll Free Email: JoeOliver@thinkeft.com


Name: Steven Kessler, MFT

Qualifications: EFTCert-I (certified by Gary Graig, the Founder of EFT), MA, MFT Director, EFT Therapy Center, Albany, CA

Services Offered: I've been a therapist for 25 years, and I now teach EFT to other therapists. It is the kindest, fastest, most effective treatment available. I've had amazing success using EFT on everything from 'personality' to abuse/trauma to relationship issues to fears and addictions. Whatever is troubling you, it's likely I can help you with EFT. Contact me for a FREE ASSESSMENT of your situation.

Contact Details: Steven Kessler, MFT Director, EFT Therapy Center 1229 Marin Avenue, Suite C Albany CA 94706 510-834-5399

My Email: steven@EFT-Therapy-Center.com


Albany, CA, USA

Albany, New York, USA

Name: Martin Pearlman, LCSW CASAC

Qualifications: Licensed Social Worker, Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor

Services Offered: Psychotherapy specializing in trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, phobia, stress reduction. Adolescent specialist.

Contact Details: 518 482 5141 One Pinnacle Place Ste 220 Albany, NY 12203

My Email: nepassage@aol.com


Name: Deborah K. Shores, BA, CCHT, EFT-Adv

Qualifications: EFT-Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Services Offered: EFT both in the office and on the phone or by email.

Contact Details: Abundant Success Hypnosis Telephone: (806) 374-8466 www.surflocal.net/hypnosis

My Email: abundantsuccessh@aol.com


Amarillo, USA

Amherst, New Haampshire, USA

Name: Karen L Kallie

Qualifications: RN, MACP, EFT-ADV

Services Offered: My twenty years of private practice have included a passion for methods that address the energy of Mind-Body-Spirit. Six years ago this journey led to EFT. Specialty areas are:Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, and Compulsive Overeating. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see if I can help and if we would be a good team to help you live a life you love!

Contact Details: www.ninthwaveonline.com www.livingenergyworks.com ninthwave@verizon.net

My Email: ninthwave@verizon.net


Name: Diane M. Carlisle

Qualifications: NLP, SK, MT, Special Education, Self-help Coach - EFT ADV

Services Offered: RELEASE, RELAX & RE-ENERGISE! Combining self-help therapies such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Neurolinguisitcs ( NLP), Educational Kinesiolgy (Edu-K) we empower you to heal physically, emotionally & spiritually. We co-creatively develop a path that gets you from where you are to where you choose to be in your life through private sessions in my studio, by video cam or by phone. Empowered, my clients learn to use EFT & are encouraged to confidently manage their own energy system daily taking charge of health & well being. PRIVATE SESSIONS, GROUP PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS

Contact Details: Studio: 734-994-4784 Web: www.eft4success.webs.com

My Email: EFT4Success@hotmail.com


Ann Arbor, USA

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Name: Diane Carlisle, SK, MT LifeFlow Energetics

Qualifications: EFT ADV, Special Education Teacher, Specialized Kinesiology, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist, Brain Gym Instructor, EFT Practitioner, 30 years of coaching in the self-help industry

Services Offered: EFT sessions, private sessions, group training & workshops. Stress management, sports performance, weight issues, quit smoking, anxiety,fears, prosperity coaching, personal development, using EFT with children, education and learning issues. Release, Relax & Re-energize!

Contact Details: LFE Studio: 734-994-4784 www.conquerovereating.com/LFE.htm www.freewebs.com/golfersedge

My Email: lifeflow@comcast.net


Name: Diane M. Carlisle

Qualifications: RELEASE, RELAX & RE-ENERGIZE! Self-help coach for over 20 years EFT ADV REIKI Master

Services Offered: Meridian Tapping REIKI Special Education Therapeutic Massage Energy Balancing

Contact Details: LifeFlow Energetics Studio: 734-994-4784 www.eft4success.webs.com

My Email: DianeCarlisle@gmail.com


Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Name: Diane Thal Gluck EFT-ADV

Qualifications: EFT Advanced Certification, Allergy Antidotes, Distant Healing Work

Services Offered: Emotional Freedom Technique, Allergy Antidotes, Peak Performance work are used to help you heal both physically and emotionally. With these technique you can be your best. We can work together in my office or over the phone. I teach all of my clients EFT and encourage them to use it on their own. My goal is for you to have a tool that gives you the cofidence to take charge of your health and well being. I do individual session, group sessions, and workshops.

Contact Details: 2020 Hogback Rd. Suite 16 Ann Arbor, Michgan 48105 734 821 0364 ext.3 ClearToHeal@aol.com www.ClearToHeal.com

My Email: ClearToHeal@aol.com


Name: Oz Merchant, CORE Changes Institute

Qualifications: EFT Practitioner, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer

Services Offered: Private sessions, Workshops, Certification trainings.

Contact Details: www.CoreChanges.com 919-372-1503

My Email: info@corechanges.com


Apex, Triangle Area, USA

Apple Valley, California, USA

Name: Marlene Marion

Qualifications: EFT Advanced Practitioner

Services Offered: I specialized in pain relief, in person or by phone. I also do life coaching. All other issue are also welcome. Nothing is to great or too small. Lets get a smile back on your face. Pets are in need also and I do them all the time, it's such a pleasure to help them as they are so loving by nature.

Contact Details: www.MarleneMarionsEFT.com

My Email: Marlene@MarleneMarionsEFT.com


Name: Jane Anthony Buckman

Qualifications: MFA, EFT-ADV, CMHT, CNLP, CRK, CRM, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-Advanced), Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Certified Results Kinesiologist, Reiki Master,

Services Offered: Emotional Issues around stress, anxiety, phobias, motivation, self sabotaging behaviour, smoking cessation, weight management, procrastination, anger, PTSD, depression, public speaking.

Contact Details: Website: www.HypnosisVa.com Email: Jane@HypnosisVa.ccom Phone: (703) 346-4606

My Email: Janeabuckman@comcast.net


Arlington, Virginia, USA

Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Name: Elizabeth Mass

Qualifications: I've been practicing as a Spiritual Therapist for over 25 years. I've been trained in Therapeutic Imagery, and various Energy Psychologies, including EFT, TAT, BSFF.

Services Offered: As a Spiritual Therapist I offer counseling,intuitive guidance, and healing of all psychic wounds. Trauma, childhood abuse, panic & anxiety, relationship issues, and emotional blocks are all addressed. With complete respect for your process.

Contact Details: Elizabeth Mass: elizajoy1@charter.net 828-645-2042 Website: elizabethmass.com

My Email: elizajoy1@charter.net


Name: Nando Raynolds

Qualifications: I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with my Masters degree in Counseling. I've been doing therapy since 1988 and Energy Psychology since 1998. I've studied EFT, TFT, TAT, HBLU and NET. I teach these techniques to therapists. I'm also trained in Hakomi and NLP. I also teach T'ai Chi and Qigong.

Services Offered: I offer experienced and effective counseling for indivduals and couples. My clients appreciate and benefit from the integration of the energy psychology techniques on a sound basis of traditional clinical skills and approaches. I have years of experience working with people with serious challenges such as PTSD, OCD, Anxiety and Depression, couples on the verge of divorce and also people who simply want to improve their lives and relationships. Insurance accepted. Phone sessions available.

Contact Details: Visit my website to get more information about me and my services. Give me a call or drop me an email when you are ready to improve your life. (541) 821-6623 www.nando-r.com

My Email: nando@mind.net


Ashland, USA

Ashland, Oregon, USA

Name: Loren Fogelman

Qualifications: M.Ed in Community Counseling, Certified Alcohol and Drug Addictions Counselor I, EFT Advanced

Services Offered: EFT is the most effective, gentle, yet rapid method for personal growth I have ever found. Maintaining a sense of safety while working on issues is a priority. EFT focuses on perceptions and helps to change negative beliefs into positive ones. Whether it's emotional or physical, you can be free of your pain. I have experience with addictions, chronic conditions, trauma, spirituality, helping people reach their peak potential. I want you to feel empowered and to provide you with a valuable tool that can help you throughout your lifetime. Call me for a free initial consultation.

Contact Details: Website: www.kolpiacounseling.com Email: contact@kolpiacounseling.com Phone: 541-482-1718

My Email: contact@kolpiacounseling.com


Name: Linda M. Morneau

Qualifications: Certified in EFT, Advanced Therapeutic Hypnosis, Emotional Healing, Grief Recovery and Reiki

Services Offered: EFT for stress, anxiety and pain management, Hypnosis group sessions and private

Contact Details: www.apromisetojo.com

My Email: admin@apromisetojo.com


Atlanta, GA, USA

Attleboro, MA, USA

Name: Margaret M. Lynch

Qualifications: EFT-ADV, Certified Hypnotherapist

Services Offered: Success coaching for health, wealth and happiness using EFT and Hypnotherapy and philosophy of the Law of Attraction. Specializing in pain, anxiety, weight loss, children's issues, business success, emotional trauma.

Contact Details: 508.226.7778 Attleboro, MA www.newenglandsuccesscoaching.com

My Email: appliedhypnosis@yahoo.com


Name: Stephanie B. Drieze

Qualifications: Licenced independent clinical social worker, LICSW. Certified Group Psychotherapist. Certified EMDR Therapist. Certified EFT Therapist.

Services Offered: Individual, family, couples and group psychotherapy. EMDR and EFT consultation and adjunct psychotherapy. EMDR and EFT supervision.

Contact Details: Stephanie B. Dreize, LICSW, CGP Harborside Counseling 8 Thorndike st. Beverly, MA. 01915 978-922-3397

My Email: sdrieze@verizon.net


Beverly, USA

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