The EFT Sequence


The EFT sequence starts by repeating the set-up phrase 3 times while rubbing the sore spot (SS).

Then repeat the reminder phrase while tapping with 2 or 3 fingers about 7 times on each of the other points.

Start at the eyebrow (EB) point and work down finishing at the karate chop point (KC), missing out the sore spots and the gamut point.

(The exact sequence will be summarised shortly)

To finish repeat the set-up phrase while tapping KC and finish the phrase by choosing to let go of the pain or forgiving those who may have been involved. Such an example may be…


“Even though I am angry at Ellen for what she did this morning
I can love and accept myself anyway – fully and completely.

I now choose to forgive her for what she has done.”


Tapping should be firm but not too hard as to hurt or cause injury. It can be done on either side of the body as points are bilateral.

Use whichever side feels most comfortable or swap from side to side.




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